Sunday, July 26, 2009

Starting Anew!

Well, last Tuesday I decided it was time I did something about my hair. I am embarrassed to say that I have really neglected it. I hadn't detangled in I don't know how long. I had freeform locs going on.

So.. I washed my hair, and then deep conditioned overnight. The next day I detangled half my hair (couldn't finished due to my fingers hurting [I think I have arthritis]) and twisted it so I wouldn't have any problems. The day after that I detangled the other half of my hair, washed and conditioned again and then put twists in.

It took all day Wednesday to detangle 1/2 my head and then half of Thursday to detangle the other side.

I can't believe I let my hair get that bad. At least I didn't have to cut it. It just took time, patience, and a lot of conditioner.

So... here I am starting my hair journey again. Trying to keep my hair healthy, looking good, and as long as it will grow. My goal right now is waist length. If you check out my hair photo blog, you will see my hair was waist length before doing the BC. One day, I will be there again.

Hair Stats: 3C/4A, OS, Kinky, Nappy, Curly, Coily! 24" long.

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